02. Theme Installation

Theme file contents

After downloading the theme from Themeforest, you need to unzip it, and you should see the following structure:

  • Demo – contains the demo data XML file
  • Documentation – the theme documentation in PDF format.
  • Hiker – the theme itself, uncompressed.
  • hiker.zip – the zipped theme (this will be the file you will upload to install the theme)
  • Assets – the theme’s PSD files.

Installing the theme

We will assume your site has WordPress already installed. If you need help installing WordPress, you can find detailed instructions in WordPress’ codex page. Once your site is ready, we can begin installing Hiker.

On your WordPress administrator, navigate to Appareance -> Themes, click on Add New, and then click Upload. Choose the lumen.zip file (the one that’s inside the folder where you uncompressed the Hiker file you downloaded), and upload it. Now click on Install Now. If all goes well, this process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Once the theme is installed, you should see this message: Theme installed successfully. Now click on Activate.

And that’s it! Hiker is now installed, activated and ready to use!

Installing the required plugins

Hiker requires you to install some plugins in order to work. But luckily this is very easy to do!

After you activated Hiker, you should see this message on the top of your WordPress admin page:

This theme requires the following plugins: Explora Layout Builder, Gallery Metabox, Hiker Blog, Hiker Portfolio, Manual Image Crop and WPBakery Visual Composer.
This theme recommends the following plugins: AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget, Contact Form 7, I Recommend This and WP Google Fonts.

Themes are not allowed to provide extra functionality, so all the awesome features Hiker offers need to be separated from the theme. This is why we provide this functionality in the form of plugins, which need to be manually installed by you. To do this, simply click on Begin installing plugins. On the screen that appears, you will see “Install” buttons for all the bundled plugins. Please install them all. Just like the theme itself, the plugins need to be activated also. The “Install” buttons should have disappeared, and there should be “Activate” buttons instead. Just activate all the plugins and we are good to go!